About Us

We are Petit Poutinerie, home of Rochester NY’s best poutine. We serve naughty food made in the nicest way. 

Lizzie served our first poutine in 2011, from our 1974 Chevy step-van that she’d converted into a tiny street-side kitchen. With two fryers, a red coleman cooler and a little camp stove, the Poutine Truck was born.

Today we have two trucks and a restaurant. 

We take pride in our fries. Our food is fresh, not frozen and purchased from local sources when available and in season. We cut every fry in-house and make all our gravy in small batches to ensure flavor and freshness. 

We exist to indulge. Go ahead, be bad.



Lizzie grew up south of Rochester in Avon NY. After college, she fell in love with culinary life while working at a small fine-dining restaurant and never looked back. When she’s not making gravy and testing recipes, she enjoys cooking (obviously), walking her dogs and spending time with her boyfriend and curious kiddo.

Lizzie started PP in 2011.



Ronnie has lived in the Rochester area her entire life. After experimenting with other jobs and entrepreneurship, she ended up falling into the fry life and loving it. When she’s not working the register or behind the scenes, she enjoys reading, riding her bike and slayin’ it in Dr.  Mario.

Ronnie has been with PP since 2012.


 Poutine Queen/ GM-Trucks

Alex came to us from the maple-state of Vermont. She’s an animal lover and a bad-ass poutine-maker. When she’s not running the potato-show on our trucks (and restaurant), she enjoys drawing, playing video games and keeping us up-to-date on the latest AITA on Reddit.

Alex has been with PP since 2016.

Only Idaho

We know that only the absolute best ingredients make the most delicious poutine

We use russet potatoes that are shipped in from the sandy soil of Idaho. We hand-cut and double-fry each one in peanut oil, for the best possible flavor and texture. Our cheese curds come to us fresh each week from Shtayburn Farms, a family-owned farm and creamery in the Finger Lakes. You won’t find any added oils or preservatives in our cheese curds; just real ingredients, the way it should be.

It’s all Gravy

Our gravy is made daily, in small batches at our very own kitchen. It’s our belief that no-one should miss out on homemade gravy, which is why we have vegan, and gluten-free options on our trucks everyday. Each poutine is finished with a sprinkle of hand picked thyme, our signature touch that makes all the difference. Find a truck and enjoy some poutine for yourself!

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