The Poutine Truck menu


House cut fries- twice-fried, topped with fresh cheddar cheese curds and the hot gravy of your choice.

Traditional Beef Gravy

Served with thyme

Vegetarian Gravy

Served with thyme


Served with vegan cheese curds and thyme


Served with beef gravy, bacon and thyme


Served with beef gravy, bacon, egg over easy and thyme

Pulled Pork

Served with beef gravy, bbq and thyme


Lemon Bar

Tart lemon cream cheese filling on a sweet crumbly crust.

Cottage Cookie Sammie

Oatmeal, coconut and butterscotch cookies with  cream cheese filling.

S’more Bite

Chewy cereal bar made with graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate chips.


Lemon Lavender Soda

Cane sugar, fresh squeezed lemon and fragrant lavender.

Ginger Soda

Cane sugar, fresh ginger root and mint.

Fizz Soda


Bottled Water



Extra Cheese


extra gravy


Additional extras

price varies