Here it is again guys. The end of summer: Labor Day weekend. 

If there’s only one thing Americans can agree on, it might be that we all know for sure that this country was built on the efforts of hard working people – many underpaid or unpaid altogether. Reading the news about changing workplaces and recognizing the ever-increasing income inequality in America in 2022 – it can feel like we’re all spending a lot of extra energy to stay positive and see the road ahead. At least, that’s how it feels to me.

Lizzie and I think about this all the time. As our company grows, what does hard work look like in our changing roles? And how do we strike a balance?  What are the new tasks that we have to stay on top of to keep the company running the best it possible can?

Where we were once cooking fries and cleaning trucks everyday, now a big part of what we do is think about the future. How can we create the type of company that makes people want to dine here, and more importantly to work here? How can we can create the type of workplace that we both want to come to everyday? The type of place that has a mission; and says “you know us, we’re local” (but actually stays that way). The type of place that creates jobs worth holding onto. Jobs that pay fairly and offer growth options for the future.

We want to create a work environment with mutual benefits. We’re committed to it. All while keeping the company healthy and moving upwards. 

Where we were once cooking fries and cleaning trucks everyday, now a big part of what we do is think about the future.

Turns out, you can’t just snap your fingers and make it so – believe me, we’ve tried! 😂 These efforts take time and investment (which can be scarce when running a small business). This year, we worked with an HR consultant
(woman owned!) to help us work through the big questions (fair pay, compliance, industry standards), and some of the lofty “in the future” goals. This work was both valuable and eye-opening. It only confirmed our observations about them speed at which workplaces are changing and meeting the needs of workers in today’s marketplace. When the world changes around you, there’s only tow options. Resist, or lean all the way in.

And sometimes, we miss the mark. Or things take longer than we’d hoped for.  We lose good employees through our own oversight (or lack of communication). So we regroup and get back to our goal. Providing the best we can for our staff. Creating a workplace that we all want to come to. One where we respect our fellow workers in little and big ways everyday.  

Solidarity and love to all our fellow workers✌️

Ronnie (& Lizzie)