Meet Connor

Say hello to Connor, Truck MVP.👋  

Connor started working with us in May, right before the start of one of our big festivals. He was super friendly, and very flexible in his interview – even when we told him we had lots of work, but weren’t entirely sure what we’d have him doing! When he agreed to that, we knew he was a keeper.

Since then, he’s taken to the truck life like a fish in a food truck. He spent all summer learning the truck ropes, ultimately training to be a shift supervisor for us. Hell yea!

He makes us laugh and is kind to his co-workers. Now that the trucks are closed for the summer, he’s moved indoors and is getting the hang of being a line cook at Petit Poutinerie. Didn’t we say he was flexible?

What do you like about working at Petit Poutinerie?

I like working at Poutinerie first and foremost because I like the people I get to work with. They’re all cool, interesting, fun-loving folks who I like spending time with at work and in my free time.

I also love food, and I feel like I get the opportunity at Petit Poutinerie to make and serve delicious, high quality food that I can be proud of. When I’m on the truck, I get to see lots of different places, people, and events in the city and elsewhere that I wouldn’t be able to see otherwise, and it’s been an incredible way to get to know Rochester.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

When I’m not working, I like to make music, draw, cook, go for walks, and hang out with my friends. I play in a band called Comfy and another band called Big Nobody. I also attend RIT where I study Software Engineering, though I don’t like school.

What’s your favorite poutine?

My favorite Poutine has got to be sausage gravy with an egg.

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