A long winter’s nap

As you may recall-our trucks are not big fans of winter.

In between shoveling out the snow, water pipes freezing and the super cold temps keeping customers shivering in line – it just hasn’t worked out over the years.  

Which is why they hibernate every year from December to April 1st. That way – our trucks (and our crew) are in tip-top shape to hit the ground running when everything starts to thaw out.

This year is no different. Beau and Beulah are snuggled in for their long winter’s nap while we get ready for spring. And who knows – it may even include a little make-over for them when they wake up.

In the meantime, stop by our new location to get your poutine fix and check out our new-all winter offerings! Dine in and take out options available. If you’re planning a warm-weather event, and looking to have a truck there – hop over to our Request a Truck page to get in touch.

And don’t worry, the trucks will be back before you know it.