Move over fast casual

If you’ve been to our new location you may have noticed…it’s a little different from the truck.
Ok, it’s a lot different! Let us explain.

When we started thinking about the type of restaurant we wanted to have – we knew we wanted to keep it true to our history of the trucks. Fresh food, quick service and a one-of-a-kind dining experience. After all, that’s what a stop at The Poutine Truck has always been about.

But we just couldn’t shake this feeling that we had to step it up. The food. The drinks. The dining experience. They all had to be little more…well, more!

So Lizzie and Ronnie put their heads together and started dreaming. Dreaming about a quick-service restaurant that serves the dopest poutine in NY. And crave-creating sandwiches you can’t get anywhere else. And maybe some sexy share plates to enjoy with a friend or date. Add a little beer and wine, some low lighting and cozy corners and POW! What the gals dreamed up was a whole new vibe for a food truck turned resturant. Not fast-casual anymore…it was something more.

We call it: Fast-Classy.

You see, on our trucks, it’s always “poutine on the go.” Now, we want to invite you to take it slow. Join us for a dine-in experience with all the convenience and speed of fast casual dining, but a fun classy atmosphere that will make you want to stick around and take your time.
Fast casual service with our signature comfort food and all new cozy, classy digs.

Go ahead, indulge.

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