The vegans have spoken

The vegans have spoken; and they want more poutine!

One of the things I’ve always loved about our little poutine menu on the trucks is its versatility. She may be little, but she’s mighty!

When Lizzie designed our classic five poutine (Traditional, Vegetarian, Bacon, Pulled Pork and Breakfast), she did so making sure that there was something for everyone. All our gravies are gluten-free and our veggie gravy is also vegan – meaning we can cater to lots of different diets.

But one option really just isn’t enough, is it?

As we expand to a larger kitchen, we are excited to be able to fold in more plant-based options for our customers- starting with our house-made vegan curds. Made from coconut milk we wanted to be sure to always have these babies in stock for you – which is why we decided to make them in-house. 

The same goes for our Vegan Sloppy Joe sauce. Instead of ordering out for plant-based protein, we make this sauce using fresh produce and a secret veggie ingredient to create the texture of ground meat. (Let us know if you can tell what it is).

Other new vegan items include:

  • Fried brussel sprouts 
  • Curry Lentil
  • Sloppy Joe Nachos
  • Vegan desserts (coming soon!)

One-third of our new menu is vegan (or can be made vegan on request). So get in here and get sampling to find your new favorite! 


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