Design dreams meets poutine

By now we hope you’ve stopped by to see the new restaurant. Seriously, what are you waiting for?!

Petit Poutinerie has been a goal for many years, and to see it become a reality has been a dream come true, literally.  One of our favorite parts of the journey was collaborating on the design with our talented interior design professional Jason Longo.  

From the start, Ronnie & Lizzie knew they wanted to work with a design professional that could translate our vision for service & style into real, tangible elements. And, someone who would tell it like it is.

Enter Jason. He said he felt a sense of deep responsibility to the project from the start.

“This was a big deal for them and for me,” Longo said. “A 10 year old food truck rebranding, going brick and mortar, adding to their menu and changing the way they operate–so we needed to make it just right.” 

He worked with owners Ronnie and Liz, and their rebranding expert Justyn Iannucci to find a unified design plan— taking all elements of the restaurant into consideration.  

Co-owner Ronnie McClive says of the design process, “We learned from the trucks over the years that designing a space is an art in itself–we have to maximize a limited space.  And like on the trucks, it was really important that we plan for efficiency and workflow to keep the orders coming. We want our customers to have a smooth (and speedy) experience from start to finish. We have to be efficient to be fast. And we plan to be really busy!”   

Must haves for the space included a very specific area for ordering and picking up take out. Ronne & Lizzie anticipated that while many people would want to check out the new space and dine in, many more would be looking for a fast truck-like takeout experience. Jason knocked it out of the park with a takeout area that features an awning as a cute homage to our food trucks. Comfortable seating was also important to counteract the industrial feel of the existing restaurant space. Jason says, “The statement chandeliers with blown glass anchor the corners of the booths. The added arched doorways add softness and tie in the curved booths and the rounded front bar area. I wanted the space to be soft and cozy, yet bold and feminine.” 

Jason’s ultimate goal was to create a memorable dining experience and to “create something unique to the Rochester restaurant scene.” From the feedback we’ve received, it sounds like many of you agree.

We are beyond thrilled to introduce Petit Poutinerie to the world, and have been so grateful for the enthusiastic reaction from our patrons and friends in Rochester!  

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